What do we need help with?

Our overarching aim is to support youth led groups to achieve their goals and use our own power to influence change. However, to sustain our advocacy work we need support for both from volunteers and donations.


If you are able to contribute your time and skills to our work then please contact Alicia at

 hello@parentsforclimatenz.org, she would love to hear from you!

Let's Talk Climate! In 2021 we want to ramp up our Let's Talk Climate get togethers in parks and community areas around the country to engage everyday New Zealanders in talking about climate.   What does it mean for your family? What does it mean for you in your community? Debunk some myths and connect over shared values: our love for children, our responsibilities to upcoming generations, and our love for our environment here in NZ.


We need volunteers and donations to help fund resources, advertising, venue hire, signage, food, training etc.

​​Our current campaigns include:

  • #MakeParisReal

  • Climate Change Commission Report Survey

  • Gathering parent stories throughout New Zealand for an installation project

  • Collaboration with Connect Wellington (Transport advocacy)

  • Collaboration with Fossil Free State Sector (decarbonising schools, hospitals and prisons)


We need volunteers and donations to help get the word out! 

Organisational costs such as annual email and website fees, Zoom, Canva (to create promo/info material), parking, travel, flyers, postage etc etc etc. 

Thank you so much for your continued support so we can continue our work for positive change.

1. Let's Talk Climate
2. Ongoing Campaign Support
3. The Boring Stuff