What do we need help with?

We currently have three long term projects that we need support with, from both from volunteers and donations.


If you are able to contribute your time and skills to any of our projects then please contact Alicia on millionsofmothers@gmail.com, she would love to hear from you!

Let's Talk Climate! From January 2020 we will be hosting Let's Talk Climate get togethers in parks and community areas around the country to engage everyday New Zealanders in talking about climate.   What does it mean for your family? What does it mean for you in your community? Debunk some myths and connect over shared values: our love for children, our responsibilities to upcoming generations, and our love for our environment here in NZ.


We need volunteers and donations to help fund resources, advertising, venue hire, signage, food, training etc.

​​Listening and learning from each other over shared projects from restoring wetlands to planting trees out in our urban & rural communities - not only for environmental/climate benefits but as one of the many tools to aid climate anxiety and mental health


We need volunteers and donations to help fund equipment and transport etc. 

We want all parties to take partisanship out of climate and formalise their commitment to cross-party collaboration on climate moving forward. We want to ensure that no matter who is in power, our progress on mitigating the effects of climate change won't get held up. We will be presenting this to MPs from each party on the first day of sitting in the House, to set the intent for the year and going forward.

We need volunteers to sign and share, perhaps print a physical copy to take into your communities to gather signatures and donations to help fund spreading the word.  http://chng.it/LsPJQZVD

Thank you so much for your continued support so we can continue our work for positive change.

1. Let's Talk Climate
2. Building relation-ships between urban and rural communities
3. Petition: Open Letter to Parliament

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We are a growing collective of parents from all over New Zealand. We all have different passions and a different perspective to add. If you want to become part of something, even if you don't know what you could offer yet, please do get in touch.

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