A short film of parents asking our global leaders to step up for our children

Fridays for Future International asked parents all over the globe to contribute to this short video marking the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement.


All these parents have 5 year old children born the year of the Paris Agreement (2015). Join us as these parents share their dreams, hopes and feelings they felt then and now.

#MakeParisReal #FightFor1Point5


December 2020


A short film of hopes and fears for the future

We started on this film project with the hope of diving deep into the complexity of issues we face in our everyday lives and climate change. 

Covid-19 blew that out of the water, but the question at the core of this film still remains: what do we want for our children's future world?


Join us as eight wonderful humans bare their vulnerability to the world, and give their voice to one of the most important questions of our time.

May 2020


13 October 2021

Disappointing Emissions Reduction Plan shows a lack of urgency and priority required from Ministers.

Parents for Climate Aotearoa is not only disappointed but very concerned with the Emissions Reduction Plan released today for consultation. It is clear by this document that for most of the Ministers in government, climate change is not a priority.


Founder of Parents for Climate Aotearoa, Alicia Hall says “while the Covid-19 response rightly remains an important focus, we have a government with public employees to work on multiple issues at the same time. The framework was put in place with the Zero Carbon Act and we expected a more comprehensive plan to be produced now, almost two years later.”


“It appears most Ministers have left it up to James Shaw and when they are required to get stuck in, they are caught in the headlights. Again it has been left to civil society to fill in the gaps, individuals and groups like ours who have already spent hundreds of unpaid hours submitting on policy ideas over the past few years.”


Olivia Hyatt from Parents for Climate Aotearoa Nelson Tasman says “it is yet more inaction by the Government that assured us that they were taking climate change seriously. I especially feel for how our parents and young people will respond to this. We are very anxious about our families future and the continued delay and inaction fuels this anxiety more. We can change the future ahead of us, but need our Government to do the work and set the vision and policies needed to support all of us to change.”


“Once again this highlights the overwhelming need for a cross agency comprehensive climate communications and public education programme. How can the Government expect the general public to engage when the urgency, scope of the problem and solutions aren’t even adequately communicated.” says Hall.

The draft Emissions Reduction Plan and consultation process can be found here and final day for submission is 11.59pm 24 November 2021. 

20 September 2021

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16 September 2021

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13 May 2021

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18 April 2021

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8 December 2020

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8 December 2020

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2 December 2020

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