Alicia's story


For the longest time my friends and I had been discussing our shared grief, worry and sense of helplessness over climate change and the immense impact it will have on our children’s future and the children of the world.


Millions of Mothers (now Parents for Climate Aotearoa) was born from a dream...the words kept coming to my friend Mary in the land between dreamworld and awake. Something solid clicked into place and Millions of Mothers (Parents for Climate Aotearoa) came into being. 

I have hit that tipping point where apathy and doing nothing has become unbearable; I also knew I wasn't alone. I am one of millions, or billions of parents deeply concerned that our children may not have a liveable planet by the time they are our age.  Millions of Mothers across the globe are already displaced by the impact of climate change or about to be in the not too distant future.  

Mothers Rise Up and Parents for Future UK are doing incredible and awe inspiring work at the moment and we would love to see a similar movement happening in the Southern Hemisphere. I know that you, like me, have had enough of inaction, both from the government and corporations and that New Zealand and other countries need to embed climate in all policy and legislation - every decision made through a climate and just transition lens. This will influence policy across the board, it will create solutions and will influence behavioural and societal change. It sends a strong message of intent, that we need to act now on a global, political, business and individual level.


I need you...the parents (in all the forms there are), grandparents, childless parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and any adult who can vote and influence positive change. Because ultimately, it is positive change, we will all benefit from a more equitable and sustainable society, we will have deeper connections to each other and our communities and most of all our children will not be condemned to the future they are on the path to right now.


Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you will step off the beaten path to join me.

Alicia x

Merinda's story


It wasn't very long ago that I found myself falling deeper and deeper into apathy and melancholy. I felt constantly that I was only just keeping my head above water.


It was only on finding Millions of Mothers that I realised I had been in denial over the climate crisis, and that this was playing a part in my declining mental health. Not a denial of the reality of it, but of how serious and urgent it was. My guilt and fear had caused me to push it all away and focus on the problems of my day-to-day life.

I have a lot of fears for the future. I am terrified that my beautiful green part of New Zealand will become plagued by drought and forest fires, as the part of Australia I grew up in was. I look at the worst predictions and feel a panic rising up that threatens to swallow me whole, and in those worst moments I can't bear to think of what my children's lives might look like in the future.

But stronger than all that is the hope I now feel. I have seen the solutions that exist, and some of the incredible people who are working on them, and they fill me up with joy. I feel incredibly excited by the bright future that awaits us if we commit to action now. I have already met many amazing parents through Millions of Mothers, and being surrounded by so much awesomeness is the best inspiration I could have to keep trying, keep striving, and help build this better world I can see so clearly.