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Calling all Parents! 5 ways you can support Climate Strikes!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I imagine you are reading this because we share a few things in common. Like how fiercely we love our kids. We share common values in that we are responsible for their welfare and ensuring they grow up to be healthy, caring adults who contribute to society. We all want our kids to grow up on a liveable planet where they can thrive. We all want to ensure our Parliament upholds its responsibilities in ensuring we help cool our planet down a bit. Right? Now I imagine you are asking yourself “What can I do?”

Great! Keep reading because we have 5 ways in which you can help support our children and youth in doing just that!

1. Find out exactly what SS4CNZ stands for.

School Strike 4 Climate NZ have a an excellent, clear and concise document detailing their specific demands that you can find right here!

By understanding where the students are coming from, you will feel and be more open to discussing strikes with your children. We understand it is a tough subject and an emotive one at that. Regardless of our personal beliefs, the next generation is facing some incredibly difficult challenges ahead due to climate breakdown that are difficult to comprehend now but are nonetheless a reality. It is our responsibility and duty of care to do what we can.

2. Show support and encourage family and friends to do the same

Talk with other parents, students, friends, family and your school community about why it is important to consider taking the day off or an extended lunch break to show up to support our young people. Have conversations around how worried you maybe feeling about the climate crisis and share ways you have talked with your own children about it.

3. Share Share Share everywhere!

Ask your school to put a notice in the School Newsletter and put up flyers everywhere! Cafes, doctors office, library, preschools, playgrounds, work noticeboard, community noticeboard. Share on social media and in your parent FB groups. Message us here for ready-made posters and flyers or see here for social media posts and events. Follow your local SS4C group to find out about banner and sign making sessions in the lead up to the strike - it’s a win win, you support your children in creatively using their voice and you can connect with other people on the same journey.

4. Talk with your school

Talk with your children’s teachers to let them know some families will be striking on September 27 which will help the school with excursion planning etc. Writing to your school principal to advise them of this will be helpful too – here is a template letter you could use. Start a conversation with the school on how they can support children and youth in this process. The school can also register their interest on the SS4C website.

5. Plan your day or actions you can take if you are unable to make it

Are you going to travel together to the event as a group? Take public transport or car pool? Will you be meeting a group (like Millions of Mothers) at the event and where? Sign up for our newsletters to find out more about where we are meeting up and what you can do if you can’t make it. If you are coming as a group, make sure everyone has what they need for the day: water, snacks, comfortable shoes, jacket, and their signs! Make sure everyone knows when and where they are meeting and how they are getting there.

Lastly, have fun! It is a grim subject so take time to enjoy the experience, enjoy showing up for your children, enjoy showing up for yourself and make sure you share your posts on social media, tagging in SS4CNZ and Millions of Mothers xxx

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