• Millions of Mothers

Dear Parliament #4

I'm on the lawn.

Standing with Ollie Langridge.


Like him, I too am a very scared, very concerned parent. Like him, millions of mothers in NZ and around the world are feeling anxious and deeply afraid for our children's future. Like him, I want you to start actively working on solid plans to transition our country so our children will have a viable future on a liveable planet.

The United Kingdom has declared a climate emergency.

Ireland has declared a climate emergency.

Canada has declared a climate emergency.

France has declared a climate emergency.

The Vatican has declared a climate emergency.

Argentina has declared a climate emergency.

New Zealand Youth Parliament has declared a climate emergency.

Several major councils in New Zealand have declared a climate emergency.

We want YOU to declare a climate emergency. You and I both know, deep down, this global emergency transcends politics. That it is above petty power plays and games. You are actively gambling with people's lives and future well being.

This status quo already sees kids stuck in a system of abuse that is meant to protect them. This status quo maintains colonial rule. This status quo sees continued degradation of our people and planet. This status quo muddies waters. This status quo keeps broken people in apathy and paralysis. This status quo is keeping 1% of people in extreme wealth. This status quo is theft of the future well being of humanity.

Climate Action means declaring an emergency. Declaring that you truly understand the severity of the situation. Declaring you will be taking steps to put us on the path forward to taking responsibility for our mess. Declaring that you will be putting the Te Tiriti and our most vulnerable at centre of policy going forward. That you will be putting people and the environment ahead of big corps and oil. Declaring that people come before politics. That the survival of humanity transcends politics.

The people are restless. The people are scared. The people are angry. The people want leadership now. Don't mistake silence and paralysis for complicity. A mother will go great lengths to protect their child and we are mobilising.

We WILL be voting for the parties on the right side of history. You have been elected by the people of Aotearoa New Zealand and you will be remembered by the choices you make now. And it is a choice. The silent majority are watching, listening and learning. Perhaps it's time for a new political system. One that actually serves the people.

Ngā mihi

Alicia Hall

Millions of Mothers

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