Wishes for our children and future generations.

A world full of love and peace. A world where everyone is well and healthy. Where everyone is kind and helpful to each other. Where everyone is kind helpful and loving to mother earth the trees plants animals. And every living being. To be grateful for the living water on this earth. To be grateful for the sun that shines on our earth. Love is all you need. Love is the answer.

Cyn, Christchurch

A world where everyone is valued and those who struggle are helped and supported not judged and condemned.

Sue, Christchurch 

A world that is more concerned WITH OUR WORLD ..and ALL its creatures.. rather than the bottom line of profit above all else..


Giovanna, Christchurch 

I wish that all countries in the world change their systems and policies so that they operate within the planetary boundaries. This world is so beautiful and fragile. We must do everything that we can to walk lightly on it from now on, to repair the destruction that we have inflicted on it & to restore it to its full natural splendour.

Kate, Paraparaumu

I wish for the world, a great realisation and transformation. To a world where people & the planet come before profits. In which all children to have food, water, shelter, safety & education. And a chance to fulfil their hopes & dreams. On a healthy, kind planet.

Priya, Auckland NZ

I wish for our tamariki and mokopuna to see clearly, speak honestly, think critically, and avoid the apathy that leads so many adults to simply adopt the norm, rather than calling out wrongs we are doing to our environment and our people. Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui - Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

Sophie, Rolleston NZ

My wish is to make the world a brighter place.

Sarah, Amsterdam NL

I want future generations to be able to play outside, to know the beauty of a verdant world, and to be happy and healthy.

Jeanine, Snohomish AUS

I want a world where Te Tiriti is honoured, where all work is valued, where we have restored and are in sync with our environment.

Lisa, Invercargill NZ

I wish for my grandchildren to be able to enjoy the amazing outdoors that NZ has to offer. Clean air and water. Green grass and blue skies. Beautiful sun rises and sun sets. Also to honor people who have gone before them across centuries.

Raewyn, Lower Hutt

I grew up in Te Waipounamu in the 1960's and spent a lot of time at the beach and in the bush. I benefited from clean rivers, a stable sea level and a climate that could be relied on - but I also benefited from privileges I didn't even know about then.

Now I live in Te Whanganui-a-tara. My wish for the future is that my son grows up in an Aotearoa which is providing for all its people, living within ecological limits and helping the planet to do likewise, and addressing the big questions of what living in a Te Tiriti-based nation means.

Tim, Mt Victoria NZ

My wish for future generations is that they are blessed with the ability to listen deeply. That they listen to the environment telling them how they need to be, and that they listen to others and are heard in return - so they can understand each other and cooperate better than any other generation before them.

Alayna, Wellington NZ

I wish for people to take only what they need from the Earth, and live in harmony and balance with everything around us. I hope we can learn from the wisdom of our indigenous sisters and brothers, and come to see all living beings as our kin and not our property. Perhaps, then, we can heal the wounds we have made within ourselves, as well as those we have made on our beautiful planet.

Merinda, Brooklyn NZ

My wish is that we care for mother earth, as we care for our mothers and our children care for us. I want us post Covid to keep reassessing the way that we live and the impact on our planet.  


Annabel, Kapiti Coast, NZ

I wish that after four weeks of lockdown and staying at home that society can start appreciating all the work that stay at home mothers have to do and start valuing that more in society. That we take this opportunity we have had to create a kinder world, one where we care for our earth more, and in the years to come, every mother knows that her child has equal opportunities. I want us, as mothers in the next 20 years to be able to look back and know that we did everything we could to give our children the same opportunities that we had.


Eva, Wellington, NZ

My wish for all our of our children, is for them to see how powerful they are as young people, to realise that their visions of the world, that their inner inherent knowing about what should be, they know that the earth deserves to be respected, that water should be kept clean and not polluted, that the energy that they feel in their bodies can conceivably get them from one place to another is actually superior to fossil fuel travel – just all the knowing that young people have and all the fierceness that they have in their political outlooks and visions of the world. It’s my hope for all of the children is that they know the truth from within and that we as the adults do what we need to do to help make that world. Young people have been called upon to be the moral compass of our societies and they have done that work beautifully so my wish is they get a rest and adults take up the work - we do what needs to be done to transform our world. We can do this and we must.

Aya, California USA

I want our future to be filled with the freedom of choice. Where ALL are able to choose their recreation, job, how to raise their children, to volunteer and be a part of a local and global community that puts people and ecosystems wellbeing at the heart of everything. I wish for a world that truly values caring in all its form. Where all work is valued. I wish for all to have enough, including to have space and time to think and participate in their communities. I wish for everyone to have a good life, their life, their way, respectful and embracing of others and within the means of our ecosystem.
Olivia, Richmond NZ
From my baby boomer’s perspective, I wish New Zealand and the world respect the views of our children and grandchildren, as they will impact on the future world’s being.
Julianne, Torbay NZ
My wish for my grandchildren and my children is that as whanau you really support each other and keep in touch through thick and thin because in the end you are your own resources. My mother taught us to love one another, my brother, sister and me, and we’ve been there for each other all through our lives which has been very important and quite delightful for us. So I wish the same for you and all whanau, all mothers’, children and grandchildren, and fathers’ too, can live recognising how special and valuable we all are to one another.
Mary, NZ

I want every kid to have a great start, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, ethnicity, religious or faith beliefs.

Geraldine, Wellington NZ

I want every child to feel adored, and to know that countless adults all over the world are working hard for them to enjoy a vibrant and just future.

Mary, Eugene, Oregon, USA

A world where the unity of humanity with all living things brings about peace and brother/sisterhood.

Polly, Christchurch

I want my child to live in a future where people live in balance with nature. Where people recognise that they are a part of nature, not in dominion over it. I want my child to live in a country that values the wellbeing of all its people. A place where people care and look after each other.

Heather, Wellington NZ

I wish that our Covid response will be used to make the changes we need to address the equality, energy and ecological crises we are facing.

Julie, Wakefield NZ

My fist thought is that I want children to have all the joy, beauty and delight, awe and amazement, love and nuturing from sensual discovery of the every changing richness of the natural world that I have had in my life, and even more. My second thought is that I want the children to learn from us how the connection with the deep peace of our profound belonging in this wild world and the openness of heart and mind and clear listen will give them energy and equinimity, love and focus to stay whole and engaged with each other lovingly in the coming crises.

Rosalind, Wellington NZ

 I wish my children could live on a planet that were all life, human, animal, bird, plant, was equally respected and cared for. I wish we respected that we are interconnected and reliant on nature.

Sarah, Trelleck UK

My wish is that by the twenties of next century, wild nature will still exist in a healthy enough state to continue. And that there will still be people, not ruling or wrecking but cooperating with nature. I hope that there will not have been huge destruction of people or nature to reach that point.

Sue, Paraparaumu

I would love for my future grandchildren to be free to play and breathe fresh air and swim in clean water and not be dominated by cars. Like my parents could, like I nearly could, but my children certainly could not.

Heidi, NZ

My wish for my children's future is that they inherit a world already healing, already honouring the earth and its inhabitants.

Mary, Upper Hutt NZ

We wish for future generations a less complicated world with good air to breathe, clean water to drink, a fertile soil without toxins, a diverse and abundant fauna and flora, healthy food and satisfaction. With these ingredients, luck should be as easy as ABC :)

Lina & Roozbeh, Wellington NZ

My wish for my children (grandchildren and future grandchildren) is that living locally will be the new normal, with safe roads for cyclists and pedestrians and easy access to reliable public transport and green space. I wish that they will live within a village community where every adult is a guardian for every child, and everybody feels wanted and cared for.

Paul, Wellington NZ

I wish for a world where everyone can fully take part in the life of our communities, no one is left behind. This is a place that is as easy to walk around like level 4 was; is fun like Cupa Dupa, Te Matatini, dragon boat racing, New Year and the film festival; has great places to meet like our central library and the pool, our parks and the beach; where lots of different people, kids and older folks and people in wheelchairs are seen out and about everywhere; where there is meaningful work for everyone that supports a healthy world. This wish is achievable.

Kia kaha

Ellen, Wellington NZ

I wish that my daughter will have the freedom to pick any path for herself free of judgement or prejudice. And that this will be so for every other girl too.

Evan, Lower Hutt NZ

My wish for my daughter is that she and all of her generation have lives with adequate resources to ensure abundant friendship, community and opportunity. My wish is that the adults of today use our collective power and resources to make this happen.

Lynda, NZ

What I wish for is for our children to grow happily, succeed in anything they want to, enjoy and learn from our natural resources and less commercialism. To grow up with strong family bonds so they can bring that to their families. 


Jessica, NZ

After lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved, and we return to some sense of normality, I hope that type of [interpreter] access continues. For all the Deaf & NZSL users.  Over the last few weeks there’s been good things happening, such as people like our neighbours, older people, people who are at risk or have barriers to getting out and about, throughout the lockdown we have been checking in with them to see if everything is alright.   It is my hope that when lockdown is finished, and we are in a post COVID-19 world, that we continue checking in with others and staying in touch. Human contact is so important, as is caring for each other. 


Catherine, Auckland NZ

I want to see a world where we care about and look after each other, where we care about nature. Where we learn from Covid-19 and reshape the world where we care more about each other. Kei te pirangi ahau ki te ao atawhai - I want a kind world.
Camilla, NZ
I want our children to grow into a world that is healthy – healthy air, water, ecosystems, biodiversity, people. A climate that is habitable because we unlocked and changed the systems and ways of being that were harmful to us – we put the wellbeing of all people first to create an inclusive, equitable and accessible world to thrive in. We chose to be part of our broader eco-system instead of exploiting it. We stepped onto another path and chose life. We chose our children.
Alicia, Wellington NZ

What I wish for our children, is that they will be able to see around them lots of the grownups taking action and explaining why that is to kids. Explaining why we now eat less meat and why we don’t make lots of car trips because we are trying to help the earth recover so that our kids and grandkids can get a sense of acting for the good of the whole and that there are things we can do for the good of the whole. 


Joanna, Nelson NZ

My wish is that every child grows up in a world where they can choose whether or not they themselves wish to be parents. A world which is healthy and whole.

Peter, Lower Hutt NZ

Parenting is more than biology. It's about embracing, protecting and nurturing young people and the places we care about.
So whoever you are - parent, grandparent, rangatahi, friend - we'd love to hear what kind of world you want to see.
What is your wish for the future?

Thank you for sharing your hopes with us.