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What is Let's Talk Climate

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Let's Talk Climate: Headliner
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How we feel about climate change matters because it influences how we act on it. How we talk about climate change matters because it too influences on how we act on it.

Right now thousands of people in Te Ika-a-Māui / North Island of Aotearoa NZ are hurting and dealing with the grief and loss from recent extreme flooding events and Cyclone Gabrielle. 

People are already grappling with how to talk about climate change and these increasing weather events in a way that makes sense of these events and the scale of change we need.

Our Let's Talk Climate project is based on social research that tells us that social change happens through conversation. We all process information, commit to ideas and action when talking with people we trust. 

The more courageous conversations we have about climate change, grounded in care and empathy, the more we can take action and make the good changes we need. 

Let's Talk Climate: What We Do
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Let's Talk Climate is a pilot series of workshops in Pōneke Wellington for parents and whānau to learn about how to effectively talk about climate change with their tamariki at home, with their neighbours, co-workers, whānau, local communities and beyond. We know talking about climate change is one of the most impactful things we can do, not only to alleviate growing climate anxiety, but also to create local led solutions that work for everyone through meaningful conversations and community building. People can gain the confidence to hold these important conversations in everyday life. To have agency over important decisions that need to be made in their communities. 

We also plan on rolling these workshops out nationwide. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today at

Let's Talk Climate: What We Do
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