A short film of hopes and fears for the future

We started on this film project with the hope of diving deep into the complexity of issues we face in our everyday lives and climate change. 

Covid-19 blew that out of the water, but the question at the core of this film still remains: what do we want for our children's future world?


Join us as eight wonderful humans bare their vulnerability to the world, and give their voice to one of the most important questions of our time.

Parenting is more than biology. It's about embracing, protecting and nurturing young people and the places we care about.
So whoever you are - parent, grandparent, rangatahi, friend - we'd love to hear what kind of world you want to see.
What is your wish for the future?
"My wish for my children's future is that they inherit a world already healing, already honouring the earth and its inhabitants."
Mary, Upper Hutt NZ
"I want us, as mothers in the next 20 years to be able to look back and know that we did everything we could to give our children the same opportunities that we had."
Eva, Wellington NZ
"I want to see a world where we care about and look after each other, where we care about nature. Kei te pirangi ahau ki te ao atawhai - I want a kind world."
Camilla, NZ
"My hope for all of the children is that they know the truth from within and that we as the adults do what we need to do to help make that world."
Aya, California USA



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