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What is Let’s Talk Climate? 

Please note our focus this month is on workshops 2 & 3, however we are running two online workshop 1 on 16 March. 

We have three workshops which are currently run seperately in person and online but we can also modify them to fit into one day depending on people's needs (if you would like to host one for your group, organisation or workplace).  

The foundational workshop is 2-2.5 hours long, and subsequent workshops run similar length.  You don’t have to attend all three but it would be beneficial. 

Let’s Talk Climate with friends, whānau and community - workshop #1 

Our first workshop, Let’s Talk Climate, is introducing our TALKWELL principles on how to talk with people in your life about climate change (we have an adapted version for talking with tamariki (and everyone else!)). 

How to navigate climate conversations around the family table, over a cuppa at work, on the bus, or at the school gate without conflict. Let’s Talk Climate aims to equip you with the skills and tools to have good conversations about climate change with friends and whānau. When we have good conversations, we experience or deepen a sense of connection, feel like we have been understood and understand another perspective a bit better.  

Let’s Talk Climate and how we got here – workshop #2 

In our second workshop we discuss changes to our landscape over time, the local risks and what it means to you and your community.  

With a focus on how climate change can impact our social connections, health and wellbeing and how this underpins our collective ability to respond.  

Let's Talk Climate and what we can do about it – workshop #3 

In our third workshop we discuss what’s next?  Hear from people working on local projects that are win-win in terms of meeting social and environmental needs and reducing emissions.  

Explore what your own climate action plan could look like, including at home, your neighbourhood, wider community and beyond.  

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Our vision is to normalise talking about climate change, the barriers, the solutions and everything in between to learn from each other and deepen our understanding around the causes and impacts and what we can do about it together.

To have those broader and courageous conversations that we need to have as a society on the big stuff so we can build a better, inclusive and more equitable world for all our tamariki. 

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At Parents for Climate Aotearoa we know our strength lies in how dearly we all love our children. In how we would move mountains to protect them. We also know that if every generation works together, we can make a real difference on climate change and protect our shared home. 

As parents and carers we commit to restoring the balance of nature and leave things in a better place than we found them. We will do everything in our power to ensure all our children thrive in a healthy climate.

Join Parents for Climate Aotearoa today to help ensure all our children thrive in a healthy climate.

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Making A Difference



Learn more about climate change and empower your whānau and community to act.

With this initiative, our goal is engage, educate and empower our communities on climate change. With learning how to effectively talk about our changing climate, people can gain the confidence to hold these important conversations in everyday life. To have agency over important decisions in their communities. 

Are you interested in booking a workshop either online or in person for your community organisation, workplace or group? Find out how to book your LET'S TALK CLIMATE workshop here! 

Book your Let's Talk Climate workshop today!

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Learn more about how you can help bring the system change we need

With our organisation’s values and kaupapa front of mind, we lobby local and central government to bring in the best policies and support for dealing with this challenge. Advocacy is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact.

Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.



One step at a time. Learn how we can support each other on this journey

At Parents for Climate Aotearoa, we are dedicated to growing and stepping up our efforts in addressing climate change. We know this is a hard and heavy challenge, but through intergenerational collaboration and community empowerment we believe we can make real change. For all our children's futures.

We provide a safe space to talk about your worries, fears, hopes and dreams, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

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“To care about climate change, you only have to be one thing, a human living on planet earth; and we're all that.”

Katharine Hayhoe

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